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GOTaxExplorer is extensively covered in Chapter 4.2 of the Master Thesis of Andreas Schlicker. The thesis also contains a user manual in the Appendix.
Download thesis here.

Online user manual

SOAP Server

The SOAP server provides standard remote access to all query options of GOTaxExplorer except the functional comparison of proteins or protein families.
The URL of the SOAP server is:
A Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) file describing this service is available here.

There is only one callable function, "process". The "process" function takes three parameters, "function", "param1", and "param2".
The "function" parameter can either be "query", for a standard query in query language", or "nameSearch", for searching accession numbers with a name.
If a standard query is performed, "param1" should contain the query. "param2" is a boolean that determines whether all GO terms are returned or only GO terms that have no ancestor in the result set.
"param2" is ignored for queries that do not return GO terms.
If a name search is performed, "param1" is the search term, and "param2" determines the entities to be search, either "TAX", "GO", "PFAM", or "SMART".
The results are returned in a list of elems. One elem contains a "type" element of data type string, and at most one "data" element.
The "type" element contains the name of the results in the following "data" element. The "data" element itself is list of structs. This data structure is defined in the WSDL file.


You can download GOTaxExplorer and FSST here.