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GOTaxExplorer is available as download. This version includes binaries of all programs that are necessary to build GOTaxDB from the flat files. Additionally, FSST is made available with an included embedded database. The FSST database contains all pairwise simRel scores between Gene Ontology terms contained in the current GOTaxDB release. If you are interested only in one of the ontologies (biological process, molecular function, cellular component) it may be possible to provide a smaller version of the database.
In such cases, please contact us at: gotax [at] mpi-inf [dot] mpg [dot] de.
Download one of the packages here.

Web Start Version

Start GOTaxExplorer via Java Web Start:

Online GOTaxDB 6.0:

The list of species contained in the current version of the online database can be found here.
How many proteins of a specific species are annotated with

SOAP Server

You can access the SOAP server under the URL:
The WSDL file describing the server is available here.