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User manual, GOTaxExplorer, Version 1.0

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The command line interface can be used for scripting or if no graphical environment is available. It is possible to feed in a file with query commands and to redirect the output to another file. Furthermore, the CLI can be used in scripts to allow other programs to start GOTaxExplorer with automatically generated queries and to pipe the query results to post-processing programs. This helps in automating recurring processes and eases the result handling. The CLI provides textual commands to select the different query options. The commands are:

Queries have to be terminated with a semi-colon ";". This allows to enter queries spanning multiple rows. Commands can be typed either in upper or lower case but must not be terminated with a ";".

This interface provides no input and output facilities. In order to search for a specific entity, it is necessary to enter the SQL mode and to use a SQL query. It is not possible to load a new configuration file. This file has to be loaded at program startup with the "-c" command line parameter.