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User manual, GOTaxExplorer, Version 1.0

Configuration file

GOTaxExplorer uses a configuration file to configure parameters for the database access and for important files. The configuration file is given with the command line option "-c". The following options are available:

The default-browser option as well as all parameters for graphs and trees are not needed by the command line interface version of GOTaxExplorer and thus skipped.

All options can also be given on the command line as parameters. The command line parameters override the options in the configuration file. The parameter name is composed of 1#1 and the key name. Exceptions are: url is replaced by "-u", user is replaced by "-l", password is replaced by "-p".

Syntax of the configuration file

A sample configuration file is given below. The parameters are written as key-value-pairs with a "=" in between. Whitespaces around the "=" are ignored. Comments can be included by adding a "#" at the beginning of a line.

   driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
   url = jdbc:mysql://server:3306/completed_genomes